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We are a family owned business with a passion for art and creativity. In fact it was an art piece hanging in my daughter Laurie's apartment that inspired an idea that set us on this journey.

Laurie spent most of her career in the Toy industry where she took great pleasure in seeing things through the eyes of a child and tapping into her creative side. At the same time she continued to pursue her passion for art through her many hobbies. It "seemed" she tried to express herself with every art medium out there. When she started experimenting with digital photography a whole new set of possibilities began to emerge.

Laurie is proof that the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Why you ask? Her mother and my wife of 40+ years - Rosemarie - has always been gifted with a love and inclination towards art and design. Whether it is walking through an art show, decorating or doing a favorite craft Rosemarie always has an eye for detail and new ideas. Accordingly, she was a natural partner to help create the letter art for Letters that WOW.

Someone needed to be less creative and more practical. That's me - Denis. I enjoyed most of my career in Marketing Research with IT and Operations. Among other things, the technical challenges involved processing lots of data quickly while maintaining quality. Those challenges parallel the large amount of data "pixels" found in high resolution digital images and the need to process those images in unique ways without any loss of quality.

So you see we have right brained people, my wife and daughter, who love art, and left brained people like me, who found a way to combine different interests and skills to form Letters that WOW LLC!

If you create a piece of letter art with us we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating the art and making it available to you.