Questions about the Art

Why are you limiting me to a combination of 13 letters and special characters?

Thankfully, most names and places can be accommodated within 13 letters.  We chose a number that would accomodate most names and places.   In order to maintain fixed and reasonable sizes for framing we had to restrict the number of letters.  As the number of letters approaches 13 the size of the letters is reduced in order to maintain the quality (original aspect ratio) of the image.  If you find this too restrictive we would love to hear from you in order to evolve our product offerings to customer needs.  

Do your Art Letter choices include numbers and special characters?

Yes they do. Numbers and stats are a key ingredient in every sport. It could be an extraordinary score in golf to remember or someone's time in a marathon. Often a number beside the name makes the Art that much more special and unique to the receiver. It could identify an achievement; the number they wear when they play or the number of their favorite athlete. Most important it gives our customers greater ability to personalize a gift. We also have a limited number of special characters ' & - # and : Often we see #1 COACH chosen for a team gift.   If we are missing an important character please let us know.

Why don't you have the sport I need for a gift?

We chose to start with six of the major sports while we learn more about customer preferences.  If we are missing your favorite sport or activity and/or you have an idea for another background, contact us with your request.  We are looking at Tennis, Lacrose and Gymnastics but could be swayed by special requests.

Can I purchase a print only without a frame?

Yes.  In fact for smaller images 10x8 we suggest you use your own frame or one of the many offered by Walmart, Target, Bed Bath, Ikea etc.   The larger 20x10 frame can also be purchased at some of these locations but we are more than competitive there and our prints are mounted on foam core before they are framed. 

What makes this Letter Art so unique?

It combines specially designed digital letter art with themed photographic backgrounds into a single high resolution image. We use Graphic Design, Photography and Digital Technology to create a unique, personalized art image that is then printed on quality photo paper to ensure excellence in our final creations. Each set of photographic letters was designed by our artist to showcase a specific sport or theme. In turn our photographer shot high resolution backgrounds to compliment each sport or theme. While the letter art is special, what is really unique is our ability to combine your choice of  letters and backgrounds into a single, unique, high resolution, photographic image. The probability that someone else will choose the exact same Theme and then the exact same Background and have the exact same name in mind and then choose the exact same letter art is very small. That's unique! Last but not least we have an ongoing practice of adding, updating and changing our themes, letter art and backgrounds to help keep choices fresh and to respond to customer feedback

Questions about Ordering

What is your return Policy?

We guarantee the quality of our Art and want you to be totally pleased with your purchase. Therefore, we will gladly refund 100% of the purchase price of the art if you are not completely satisfied. We provide this refund knowing we cannot resell the art because it is unique and was customized by you. Sorry, but we cannot refund shipping costs. In the event of damage in shipping there will be no cost for replacement of the original order. We must be notified of any returns within 10 business days of the delivery date.

Tell me how my personal information is used?

Letters that WOW is committed to our customers and their privacy. We will never sell information about our clients and will only share pertinent information with third parties involved in the process of fulfilling orders for our customers. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

What if I run into a problem ordering?

If you run into a problem ordering hit the contact us button on our site and give us a brief description of your problem. If you wish to leave a phone number someone will contact you shortly.

Can I pay by check?

Our Merchant Account does not currently support payment by check. We are told this will be available in the near future.

How will I know the status of my order?

You will receive a tracer ID from FedEx allowing you to track progress along the route to your home or ship to address.

Will I get a confirmation?

Yes. You should get an email confirmation within 15 minutes after you place your order.

How long will it take to create and receive my art piece?

We begin creating your custom canvas within 24 hours of receiving your order. However, your art is unique and printed to your custom design.  With this in mind the production of your art and framing will take about 5 days. Shipping time depending on location will add up to  5 business days.   All shipping costs are free on orders above $69.  

Questions about Shipping

How do you ship your orders?

We are using Federal Express for both domestic and international shipments. FedEx Home Delivery is the least expensive choice we provide for domestic shippments. However, we do provide FedEx alternatives, including overnight, but they are more expensive. You will see these choices during checkout

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship worldwide. However, please note we can only calculate shipping fees through FedEx but there may be additional fees charged by the country of import (Ship to Address). Please check with the appropriate customs office to insure any additional fees are identified.