It combines specially designed digital letter art with themed photographic backgrounds into a single high resolution image. We use Graphic Design, Photography and Digital Technology to create a unique, personalized art image that is then printed on quality photo paper to ensure excellence in our final creations. Each set of photographic letters was designed by our artist to showcase a specific sport or theme. In turn our photographer shot high resolution backgrounds to compliment each sport or theme. While the letter art is special, what is really unique is our ability to combine your choice of  letters and backgrounds into a single, unique, high resolution, photographic image. The probability that someone else will choose the exact same Theme and then the exact same Background and have the exact same name in mind and then choose the exact same letter art is very small. That's unique! Last but not least we have an ongoing practice of adding, updating and changing our themes, letter art and backgrounds to help keep choices fresh and to respond to customer feedback